March 17, 1943 | Dear Joe

To my darling husband,

I just received your telegram and don’t quite understand it. I hope it doesn’t mean they (Navy) are shipping you out somewhere. Please tell me just what is up.

I called Mrs. Lehner and she says that you must have been transferred to the hospital there. Is she right? Anyway I have Dorothy’s address. You will have to drop her a line as to where she can get in touch with you and she will call you. Her new address is:

Mrs. Dorothy Hall

General Deliver


Mrs. Lehner doesn’t know where she is working except that it is in a large restaurant there.

Please stop worrying about the stuff. I had it and I am over it already. Forget it. I’m OK and feeling fine after the cold I had. I suppose you haven’t gotten any of my letters out yet. Well, they are coming every day. I want this to get off this evening so I am cutting it short. Everyone here is fine. Mom and dad and Mrs. Lehner all say hello. God bless you sweetheart. Let me know all is soon as you can.

Your devoted wife,


PS hope everything is going smooth. Do your best as you always do. I love you and I’m working hard for us. Bye-bye

March 15, 1943 | Dear Joe

To My Wonderful Husband,

I received your letter of Wednesday and I sure love to hear. It isn’t how much I hear, it’s that you get a hello.

I’m sorry to hear you’re all in but it was worth it to come home to become one. Wasn’t it? I love you and when you’re not right I can’t be right either. So you must take care of yourself Mr. Ackert. I’m doing my best to take care of myself. Right now I have an awful cold but I’ll get over it. Somehow I just get one after another this year. No one here to take care of me. That’s why.

I’m sure happy that you’re taking your your work as it comes. It’s hard for both of us to be apart but perhaps it is best that way. We can probably both do better work apart. I can’t even make myself believe that. Maybe I’ll be able to take a trip out and see my husband this fall or sooner I hope. I sure can’t make a trip as broke as I am this week. But I get paid Friday and I get a 10 cent raise. Nice huh? That will be for the trip.

I just talked to Addie. I asked her to keep Saturday night open for me. The company is giving a big party at the Ryan, all we want to eat, drink and dancing from 9:00 until 2:00 in the morning. I have a date with mom and dad to see the ice show but the kid wants me to go. I’ll go with Hi and Alice so you don’t have to worry about me. If I go I’ll tell you all about it.

We got a letter from Bud today written March 2. Not bad service. He likes it wherever he’s at. The weather is nice. He says they keep them busy but he says he likes it. A lot of game but they can’t hunt. He doesn’t like that. Did I tell you Floyd was home last week? He thinks he’ll go across sometime soon. He is all set to go.

Darling thank you for always remembering the folks. They asked me to say hello to you also. We all think of you much. God bless you my husband. I know you’re working hard but take care of yourself. Please. I love you and want you back in shape someday when our job is done.


Your wife DeLores

Darling, how many pictures should I order?

Hi and Alice, Mother, Mother, Addie and Bud, Dar and Jerry, Clinton, Mrs. Lehner, You darling

Make a list and return it as soon as you can. I asked your mother if any of the relations should get pickets and she says no. Just a waste of money. What do you think? See you soon lover.

March 16, 1943 | Dear Joe

Dearest husband Joe,

How is my own husband this day? In good health and spirits I hope. I am doing OK for myself again. My cold is better and other than being tired I am fine.

I’ve eaten supper, take a nap and washed dishes. Mom and dad are both sleeping so you see how we feel around here. No ambition. Life is just routine without you. I want you much, but being apart really gives me something to work for. The better we work the more the boys gets to do with and the sooner everything will be happy again. That’s why you can work hard to make good. I am so proud of my husband. I wish I could be with him but it won’t be long before we will be together.

I didn’t get that letter you promised me today but I don’t mind. I know you haven’t done a washing for some time and that you were working a long day Wednesday, so even if one of those wasn’t the reason I still understand. I love you and I’ll make you and us happy. Our life will be happy together we can accomplish anything we want, can’t we?

Someday I’ll be everything just the way you want to me. I know this one thing, many things that I’m doing to have to change and you also perhaps but it will all come out in the wash. Anyway I’ve got to wash my hair this evening so please forgive me for cutting this short. God bless you happy. See you soon.

Your loving wife



March 12, 1943 | Dear DeLores

Hello darling wife,

I’m awfully, awfully sorry that I didn’t get a letter off to you yesterday. I had to wash my whites, as the others haven’t come back from the laundry. I didn’t get off work until after nine so I was pretty all in. Please understand. I’ll try my very best to get a letter off to you every day.

I received your letter that you wrote when the folks were out. It certainly was swell to hear from my loving life. It was the first letter with the return address as my wife. It made me feel wonderful all over. I love you so very much. All your letters means so very much to me. I hope and pray every day that this war will end soon so we may be together again for always.

Dearest, don’t worry about me being too exhausted. I have recovered quite well from the trip and I am getting back into the swing of things. I hope that you haven’t been too exhausted. Imagine that you did feel the effects of a hard week after I left. Please take good care of yourself darling. I don’t want you to be ill or anything like it.

I didn’t believe that after you became my wife that I would feel so strongly the responsibility I undertook. But you’re my wife and I took an oath to take care of you. I do want to do a good job and make you feel very happy. I know you can understand my feelings. My darling wife is the first thing in my life. I love you very much and so I always try to make you happy and be a good husband. I know will be the best way out there I’m going to Spokane over the weekend but I still be thinking of my wife all the time.

Well! Dear, I have to close for this evening. Take good care of yourself and say hello to mother and dad and everyone back home for me, please. Bye, bye for now the rest life.

Loads of all the love in the world from your sailor husband,


March 14, 1943 | Dear DeLores

My darling wifey,

Hello dear. I hope you are fine and not working too hard. But I suppose it is a little hard to get back in the harness again. Please don’t work too hard and get sick.

I received your wonderful letter yesterday. The one you wrote Monday of the first day back on the job. Boy! It certainly was swell of the kids at work to have a party for you. And they even gave us a swell set of China. Boy! That’s swell of them. I hope you thanked them for me too. I hope you didn’t let them get you down with the kidding they gave you. I suppose they really tried to embarrass you but I know you know how to handle those situations. All in all it made me feel very good to hear that some people do want to give parties for you.

Darling I have some very important news to tell you. I really don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I think it’s very good. You see when I got back here I found out that they were drafting men for different sea duty jobs. Well! I knew if I stayed at the hospital I’d probably get one soon. So I heard there was a draft to an arsenal in the Bremington area. That’s right across from Seattle. I got on it and am going to pull out. I think tomorrow night. It was a case where I had to use judgement and I hope it is a good job. Of course that is to be found out. Whatever it is, it can’t be any worse than the work I was doing at the Hospital. And it already looks like I might stay there for a while. Know what I’m getting at? Seeing I want you to be here with me so very much and you want the same it might be worked out. At least I’ll be close to a big city. If you did come out you’d easily find a job and we probably could be together nearly every night. Let’s hope it works out that way. I know that you miss me because I want you with me so much myself. Our love is the greatest thing we have and if things go right there is no reason I can see why we can’t be together at least for a while. What do you think of it? I hope you agree with my judgement and idea.

Darling you know that I think the world and all of my wonderful wife. It seems since I got back here and know your mine I love three times as much as before, but that’s impossible because I have always loved you with all my heart and soul. It’s impossible in life to make my wife happy. I hope I can fulfill that. If you’re happy I will also be. Things will work out for us.

Dear I know I haven’t kept my word to write you every day but between trying to get the allowance for you, trying to get transferred, washing and getting packed, and working long hours at the hospital ,I have had just about a twenty four hour a day job. I don’t know yet when I’m going to catch up on my sleep. But I’m not worrying and don’t you, dear.

Well! I’m at the U.S.O. in Spokane. I didn’t come in until today as I had to do many things last night to get ready to move. I don’t expect to stay long as I think a night of rest would do me much good.

How is Mother an Dad? I hope your Mother is feeling O.K. She probably won’t want you to come out here, but dear, I hope you can handle it. Give them my regards and I’ll write to your mother very soon.

Have you talked to my Mother lately? I hope she is O.K. I have written her a couple of letters.

Well! I guess I’ll close for now. Take good care of yourself, sweetheart. Bye, Bye and loads of love and kisses from your loving sailor husband.


P.S. Here is 10

I planted a big on there.

March 13, 1943 | Dear Joe

Hello My Darling,

A special hello today. I haven’t forgotten my husband’s birthday. Many, many happy returns. May God Bless you and keep you ever near me. I also must congratulate ourselves on our second week anniversary.

I received your most wonderful and welcomed letter today written Thursday. I sure am taking good care of me for you. I’m in bed by 9:00 o’clock every night. No night life for me (ever). I went shopping Thursday. It must have been 10:00 bells. Anyway, I’m all well and happy. Not even working hard.

I must tell you what happened today. Last night the checks were not ready at 4:00 or they should have been, but the people waited for them. Well, everything was O.K. until this morning and everybody started comparing wages. The Dope got 5 cent and 10 cent increases. Fabric and Assembly got 15 cent. Anyway, Alice A. got the same as the girls on the floor. The Dopes didn’t work from 7 to 9 at all. When Anderson, the soey. came we all went to him including Alice who blew her pot for all of us. Anyway, he quieted us down and said he would try and get us at least 5 cent more than the other department. Seeing is believing.

I can’t say that anyone worked all day. Everyone was too keyed up. I’m sorry. I know you don’t approve but I’m sure you don’t think that’s right. Us in danger, smell, dirt, heavy, men’s work. On untrained ladies and such. You can’t approve of them treating us that way. Anyway we have to wait and find out what happens.

To make a pleasant change about your rating, I sure hope we can make it. Not that we need the money so much but I want for you to get ahead. I have to show you off you know. You can do it easy for that reason alone and I can list more if necessary. I’m very sorry to hear you got taken out of your Ward. Is there any chance of getting that other deal that was cooking? Maybe it was meant to be this way.

What kind of sickness are you working with now? Is it the same line or not? Do you do the same things? Tell me all about it when you get a chance.

Sorry I didn’t finish this but read the next one, that will explain. I love you darling. See you soon.

Bye Bye

March 14, 1943

How is my sweet darling this afternoon? Fine I hope. I’m O.K. but all tired out. I’m sorry I didn’t finish my other letter last evening but Addie came over and took mom and myself to the show. We saw, “The Nave Came Through.” It is really cute. There was a midnight show and we stayed for that too.

We got home about 12:45 and I got up at 8:30 this morning. Mom and I have been working every since. We did a washing this morning. Then downstairs bedroom curtains and my undies and stuff. She then started the mending and I did the ironing. We took time out for lunch about 12:30 and then back to work. We spent at least 45 minutes on each part of the curtains.

Well, I just finished dishes and Mom’s doing a bit of repair work to the close our day. Some quiet time 4:00 bells. Not bad for a Sunday. I called your house today but didn’t get to talk to Mother. Bernice answered and I talked to her. I want to know how many pictures to order. Mother doesn’t seem to think that any of the family would care for us together. Perhaps of you alone though. Please tell me what you think. It doesn’t matter one way or the other. So much for that.

Darling just think 5 more days and I get a check. Hope you’re not too broke. Let me know because I’ll have more than I expect because of that 10 cent raise. Darling I just must close. I’m so tired I can hardly hold this pen. I guess I’ve got an awful cold and sore throat and stuff. Don’t worry about me though. I’m taking care of myself as best I can. God Bless you sweetheart. See you around soon.

Your loving wife, Love,

P.S. Just think that right now I am your wife for good and always. I miss you but I got so much to think about. To plan for us. I’m not building air castles but I’m thinking about how happy we are going to be. Anyway, love is what we have and as long as we have that we needn’t worry.